Using NLP & Hypnosis for Pain Relief

Recent discoveries into a very interesting illusion that reduces arthritic pain have been made. Researchers at the University of Nottingham in the united kingdom discovered, by chance, that there was a major decline in pain if a person suffering from arthritic pain put their hand to produce simulator wired to computers that projected their hand on to a windscreen. As the projected hand was stretched by the computer the person reported experiencing pain relief.

The pain relief smoothly has continued. The studies to be published your market journal Rheumatology. This discovery highlighted the power from the imagination and has lead me to think further about what we might do using Hypnosis and natural pain relief cream NLP for people hurting. We in the fields of Hypnotherapy and NLP have known for about a long time that suggestion can have powerful effects in many areas including pain relief.

Since the simulation among the stretched hand is simply that i.e. a simulation along with illusion, we can use our skills to stimulate the imagination to make the same or similar illusions that could bring an end to discomfort and pain. So long as the client is available suggestion and is able to connect hypnotically with their imagination they could create with our help their personal simulator. Using their brain to change internal representations and submodalities with NLP techniques and imbedding them with Hypnosis could bring lasting drug free pain relief that is during their control.

We can teach selfhypnosis as a simple skill the person could use to alter their internal experience and manage or completely remove their sorrow. Provided we ensure that the client has had a medical check up we make use of NLP and hypnosis skills to relieve pain. Numerous shown that hypnosis is valuable in pain alleviation. In fact hypnosis has been used in everything from headaches to major surgery without anaesthetics.